The Real Frequency Separation Skin Retouching In-Depth Photoshop Tutorial. Melanin Color Grading

Have you always wanted to learn and Master Skin Retouching and Color grading to get those rich and amazing Melanin skin tones in your portraits?

This is a MASTER CLASS TUTORIAL that is going to help you learn skin retouching from the very first step to the very last step explained thoroughly well. (No single steps skipped)

In this Tutorial you will Learn how to Create your Low frequency layer (Color Layer) and your High Frequency Layer (Texture Layer) and then blend the skin-tones using the mixture brush tool and lasso tool while retaining the original skin texture in your portraits! All the mixture brush tool settings are well stated so that you can blend or make the skin tones even while retaining the original skin texture in Photoshop.

Learn how to get those rich, beautiful, amazing and more professional melanin skin tones in your portraits from this MASTER-CLASS TUTORIAL. You will also learn about how to remove blemishes from your portraits and also learn about eye whitening in photoshop.

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