Use Photoshop Layers — Adobe Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners | FREE Tutorials by Akshar

Learn how to use layers in photoshop and make best use of them, and more that’s going to come next. Keep yourself tuned in to Learn Photoshop from Beginning to the Advanced Level of Editing in Adobe Photoshop.
Adobe Photoshop: Best software available in market for Graphic Designing & Photo Enhancing.

This Tutorial Video is made by Akshar Mohan for Beginners or anybody who want to get familiar with Adobe Photoshop. Make use of featured time-stamps to jump-over to what you want to learn first easily.

Featured Time-stamps:
00:00 Detailed Intro of this Video
01:15 How to Create a New Layer in Photoshop
02:21 How to Delete a Layer in Photoshop
03:08 How to Rename Layers in Photoshop
04:51 Why is it Important to Create New Layer for Every Edit in Photoshop
05:45 How to Unlock Background Layer in Photoshop
06:40 Understand the Stacking Order of Layers in Photoshop
12:28 Place Embedded & Place Linked Image in Photoshop
13:38 How to Adjust Opacity or Transparency in Photoshop
20:19 Subscription Card


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