INCREDIBLE Fried Chicken Rocket Launch Effect Photoshop CC Tutorial

Photoshop Effects
Learn to convert a place of delicious fried chicken to a fiery space shuttle launch with a few layer effects!
We’ll learn about color, dodge and burn, masking, adjustment layers, and creating cool unexpected effects for photo manipulation.

Moon Photoshop Brushes:

Smoke Photoshop Brushes:

Moon Sky Landscape:

Chicken Stock Photo:

Shuttle Stock Photo:

🧠 This tutorial was inspired by:


00:52 Get started
02:09 Place and mask the chicken
03:14 Transform chicken to an explosion
06:47 Adding the Space Shuttle
07:44 Create the afterburners
11:44 Mask the afterburn into the fire
12:23 Adding more glowing light
13:55 Adding shadows by hand
17:54 Dodge and Burn
19:59 Even more darkening and shadows
21:38 Blending the image together
22:15 Tweaking and adjusting
23:26 Correcting “runaway” shadows
24:01 The final blast









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